05 July 2014

at the well

You meet her midday when she thinks that she has a moment to herself. You catch her off guard in the way that You do with everyone.

She has been feeling especially alone lately and she convinces herself that this was by choice. She thirsts with more than just thirst, and she seeks to quench it with a desperation unparalleled to those of anyone else around her. And she is labeled a pariah for it.

But You — You! — see her. You see her parched soul searching for satisfaction in the only way she has learned how to search for it. You see her wandering heart reaching out to grasp and hold onto something secure and enduring.

And You carry her into joy everlasting, banishing all fear of what being truly, fully seen ever brought. And You give her perfect contentment that brims and overflows with the hope of what undeservedly more is to come.

You meet me in the same way.

I have the habit of sinking too deeply into myself, and it has always set me apart. I wear my status as a pariah not on my sleeve, but on my soul, believing that this search is one that I will never be rid of.

You catch me mid-fall as my heart begins to lose its grip. You identify all of my vices and all of my needs, and You see me and You see the deepest depths of me, and I am no longer afraid of what that means.

You patiently ease me into realizing that all I have ever sought is in You. You comfort my precarious heart of its nomadic tendencies and settle me into You. You rouse the withered tendrils of my soul and You pour and drench so unceasingly into me that there is no doubt in my lasting gratification. I am humbled and delighted, and I wonder how anything made sense before You.

You meet me at the well.